How to Fix Ialmrnt5 Dll Error

How to Fix Ialmrnt5 Dll Error



ialmrnt5.dll file in Windows manages the Graphics and Resolution on your computer and an error with this file appears when you try to run a game or a specific application . Error ialmrnt5 needs to be fixed quickly or it can lead to blue screen of death.


The file is corrupted or missing
Software is not properly installed
PC Infected by Virus
Registry contains errors

Replace File in Your System

If ialmrnt5.dll file is corrupted or missing from your system it can be a cause of the error. You can simply copy.dll file from other system with same operating system and service pack and paste it in your system. Alternatively follow these steps to replace the file in your Windows:

Download ialmrnt5.dll file on your desktop
Copy the downloaded file
Go to C:\Windows\System32 and paste the file
If the file is already there then rename the old file as ialmrnt5backup.dll and paste the newly downloaded file
Now click the Start button
Select Run
Type cmd and press OK
Command will open DOS
Type regsvr32 ialmrnt5.dll and press enter

Re-Install the Program



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